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Welcome to Sunday, 3rd April 2022. What's On Today.

Welcome to the 3rd day of your study tour!

For a reminder of all of today's activities - visit Sunday on your itinerary


Education Programme

Where: CentrEd Training Centre at ExCeL London

When: Be at CentrEd ready for a 9.30am start

What do I need? You will need to bring your Study Tour Participant Badge for entrance

For Education Programme Content: Click here

Group Photos

From 12.30-12.50 your group photographer Noel will be taking the full University of Manchester group photos

Full Group Photo 1:

Dockside outside CentrEd’s exit

​(Noel will take the photo from the balcony above us)

Then walk to ExCEL's pyramid entrance steps:​

Full Group Photo 2:

Outside ExCeL’s pyramid entrance

(on the steps)


12.50 - 13.45

Lunch is by your own arrangements on the ExCeL campus.

Field Trip Group Work / Student Feedback Session

13.45 - 17.00

Venue: CentrEd at ExCeL (same room as the morning session)

Led by University of Manchester staff​


Your Group Dinner is at The Fox Connaught - at the east end of the ExCeL campus.

​Dinner is at 6.30pm

Walking time from the Good Hotel to The Fox Connaught is approx 20 mins

Fox Connaught Address:

Lynx Way,

London E16 1JR

Directions from CentrEd:

  • Walk to the CentrEd Dockside entrance then continue walking along the dockside until you come to the end of the ExCeL building. ​

  • At the end of the ExCel Building turn left and walk towards the Aloft Hotel.

  • Turn right before the Aloft Hotel and walk along Festoon way (you should be walking away from the ExCeL building).

  • At the end of festoon way, turn on to Lynx Way.

Your group dinner includes:

  • 3 courses (pre-ordered using the link provided, you cannot change this now. If you did not place an order, a choice has been made for you)

  • a non-alcoholic drink

  • Tea/Coffee

​You are able to purchase alcoholic drinks from your table server.

Have a great day!
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