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Session Details - Emmanuel Olatunji -2nd: About


Emmanuel is a Global Digital Transformation & Innovation Advisor with a strong background in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Adoption & Migration, Cloud Telecommunications, and Software Innovation & Business Process Automation. He has supported businesses, government agencies, charities, and educational institutions with their digital transformation strategies & deployments, change management rollouts, and training projects globally with an emphasis on maximising return on investment and ensuring a fit to their organisational-specific process.

Emmanuel obtained a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Coventry University along with a Certificate in Business and Management from Oxford University.

Emmanuel has worked as: UK & IRE Region Manager, Digital Transformation (Microsoft Cloud) with Grant Thornton España; Lead Consultant, Digital Transformation (Microsoft Cloud) with; Senior Consultant, Digital Transformation (Microsoft Cloud) with Hitachi Solutions Europe; Consultant, Digital Transformation (Microsoft Cloud) with Capita.

Emmanuel is also the Founder & CEO of Intelance.

Session Details - Emmanuel Olatunji -2nd: Text


Emmanuel will present an overview of hybrid work culture at LG.


Emmanuel's case study is based on his experience working with LG Energy, a global leader in advanced battery solutions with a goal to empower effective teamwork for 10,000 users

The projects objectives:

  • Create a greener, connected, and truly interactive work environment

  • Connect thousands of employees and customers from all corners of the world

  • Reduce paper waste and unlock work efficiency tactics

Session Details - Emmanuel Olatunji -2nd: Text
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