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Edward is a business analysis and change management consultant with experience in climate and sustainability consulting, public sector and Agile project management.

He started his career as an in-house project manager at England Rugby, where he learned the ropes of IT project implementation as a 'product owner' for an online pitch booking platform. He then moved to IBM as a consultant where he is part of the IBM Digital Change team. 

In Edward's role with IBM he supports clients in understanding what they need from new IT systems and then assists them in managing the change of implementation of those systems - using Agile development and IBM's co-design and co-production methods (known as IBM garage).

Alongside this work, he has been involved in establishing IBM's Sustainability Solutions team,  where they help external and internal teams implement IBM technologies to improve their sustainability credentials. This included working on the development of a Net Zero offering.

Edward applies a user-focused approach to sustainability consulting, using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods including: workshops, interviews, data analysis and hypothesis development and testing.

Edward holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Oxford  and IBM has granted Edward a one-year sabbatical to supplement his learning by studying an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College. This is providing him with a strong grounding in the theories and policy implications behind sustainability, which he is able to map onto his practical experiences.

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Why green your tech? Why does it matter? Just how much energy and waste does tech produce?

  • Tips on greening your company’s tech:

    • Dealing with servers

    • Data centre best practice

    • Using the cloud

    • Updating your tech

    • Watch that energy efficiency rating

    • Provide incentives for individuals and teams

  • Setting an example to your tech teams

  • What about Smart Buildings?

  • How tech can be used to green other organisational functions

  • The importance of measuring and monitoring green tech initiatives


Edward will be sharing workplace sustainability practices and planning from his experiences at IBM, as part of the IBM Sustainability Solutions team.

Session Details - Edward Sparrow: Text
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