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Session Details - Priya Jotangia: About


Priya has been a global Recruiting Lead for the past 12 years for some of the world’s biggest brands - Apple, Victoria’s Secret, Boots Walgreens and lately GoDaddy! She's helped build tech and digital teams across the world and worked with top CEOs and CTOs to drive growth through tech transformations. She's recruited and built teams across the USA, Europe, South Africa, Middle East , India and Singapore. 

Priya studied Business & Management at De Montfort University in Leicester and always had a keen interest in how global businesses bring in talent and create a culture of inclusion, creativity and innovation. Since a young age she was always interested in Eastern Asian cultures which led her to becoming curious about businesses in China, India and Japan. She was selected to do a conversion course after she graduated and spent a few weeks traveling China. Based at Beijing Normal University she had the opportunity to learn Mandarin, soak in the culture but also understand the working culture.

Over the past few years, she has been involved in hiring the best talented individuals from around the world, creating engaging and fair hiring processes, working on employer branding, creating fun campaigns across social media, shortlisting employers for best places to work awards and has worked with young adults to land their first role within the tech space - graduate hiring! Priya has been actively involved and is really passionate about Diversity & Inclusion campaigns on bringing more women into tech and also ensuring pay equality across tech and digital teams. She has led on employment and inclusion topics within resources groups such as Asians in tech.

Session Details - Priya Jotangia: Text



  • What everyone will tell you about fast-tracking your career

  • In the world of digital and business transformation – what it really takes to propel your career forward

  • Getting started – faster and smarter

  • Standing out when a recruitment process is automated

  • Progressing – faster and smarter

  • Getting to the top – what are recruiters looking for in senior roles

  • Common mistakes graduates make when applying for roles

  • Common mistakes experienced professional make when trying to progress

  • Candidates who have impressed her throughout her career and why

  • What the pandemic means to your career

Session Details - Priya Jotangia: Text
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