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Emmanuel is a Global Digital Transformation & Innovation Advisor with a strong background in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Adoption & Migration, Cloud Telecommunications, and Software Innovation & Business Process Automation. He has supported businesses, government agencies, charities, and educational institutions with their digital transformation strategies & deployments, change management rollouts, and training projects globally with an emphasis on maximising return on investment and ensuring a fit to their organisational-specific process.

Emmanuel obtained a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Coventry University along with a Certificate in Business and Management from Oxford University.

Emmanuel has worked as: UK & IRE Region Manager, Digital Transformation (Microsoft Cloud) with Grant Thornton España; Lead Consultant, Digital Transformation (Microsoft Cloud) with; Senior Consultant, Digital Transformation (Microsoft Cloud) with Hitachi Solutions Europe; Consultant, Digital Transformation (Microsoft Cloud) with Capita.

Emmanuel is also the Founder & CEO of Intelance.

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This presentation will describe how Emmanuel and his company Intelance, collaborated with Microsoft and its other ecosystem of partners, to work with the Government of Qatar, to utilise Microsoft Cloud's infrastructure and digital ecosystem of solutions, to support Qatar's National Vision 2030.


The government-backed initiative aims to:

o   build Qatar into a modern, diversified and sustainable economy that can support domestic aspirations and compete on the global stage

o   accelerate digital transformation and innovation in public and private enterprises across the entire country to also attract foreign investments

o   ultimately making Qatar a digital hub for the middle eastern region and the rest of the world

Attracting and developing talent to empower every person in Qatar to achieve more was one of the main objectives of this collaboration. From students to job seekers, to developers, to IT Professionals, to start-ups, and partners with no one left behind – expanding access to the digital skills needed to drive a vibrant and diverse knowledge economy.

The key goal is to bring Qatar talents into the technology sector and ensure the readiness of the current and future workforce to fully harness the power of the cloud.

Cloud adoption, alone, is expected to generate 24,000 jobs in the country by 2024, making a significant impact on the country's GDP and supporting the government's efforts to develop and attract top talent.

This initiative is enabling industry in Qatar to thrive in the new normal. Qatar's other major transformation projects (e.g. FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar global sports hub vision, TASMU, a unique advanced smart city program that will transform key industry sectors, and Tawteen, a program that will digitally transform and create local investment opportunities for the energy sector) will not be possible without an intelligent digital infrastructure serving as a catalyst to accelerate this transformation, innovation providing data residency, and advanced cloud services like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).


  • Intelance is a delivery partner for Microsoft 

  • The initiative this case study will be based on was on a partnership between Microsoft and the Qatari Government, Ministry of Transport and Communications to accelerate the government's digital transformation journey 

  • Intelance were involved in delivering components of the following initiatives for the above partnership

    •  the Qatar Digital Government Training Program (QDGTP)  

    • skilling initiatives of Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology 

Below is an article related to the partnership:


Emmanuel's case study will

  • explain why the Qatari government created the National Vision 2030 and its overarching goals 

  • explain the partnerships created by the Qataris to assist them in reaching the above goals 

  • describe what the initiatives were that Intelance were involved in, who the stakeholders were in each initiative, and how they were planned and delivered 

  • provide insights into the realities of working in partnership with government, managing change throughout the process, and challenges faced and dealt with throughout the project (using examples from the Qatari project)

Session Details - Emmanuel Olatunji: Text
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