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Session Details - Raja Al-Khatib: About


Raja Al-Khatib is the Co-founder & CEO of Libazon, an e-marketplace serving small emerging markets.

Prior to that Raja was at Vodafone Group Plc. for +18 years, during which time she has held various roles ranging from commercial, HR, communications, governance, and strategy.

Her most recent roles with Vodafone were Group Customer Experience Programme & Digital Transformation Director (2015 – 2018), Group Organization Director (2013 – 2015) and Chief of Staff to Group CEO and Group Director of Internal Communications (2009 – 2013).

Prior to Vodafone, Raja worked for Dell Computer Corp (Europe).

Raja has worked in France, the UK and Japan. She is of Lebanese origin and holds an MBA from IMEA and a BSc in Computer Management from University of London.

Session Details - Raja Al-Khatib: Text


Raja will be covering the topics of stakeholder involvement and feedback by using the case study of the 'Vodafone Customer Experience and Digital Transformation Programme'  (From her work while undertaking the role of Customer Experience and Digital Transformation Group Programme Director, Vodofone). 


The initiative was about transforming the customer experience to a digital experience and ensuring this was both efficient and cost-effective for Vodafone, and also created and maintained a positive digital experience for the customer.

Raja's role had responsibility for Vodafone's international roll out of this initiative. She covered the Vodafone footprint globally consisting of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia regions. 


Raja's presentation will include: 

  • An overview of the Vodafone Customer Experience and Digital Transformation Project   

  • A description of the main stakeholder engagement activities that took place during the planning, roll out and monitoring of the project at Vodafone. 

  * Describing who the main stakeholders were and their importance / influence / relevance. 

  * Including the key topic points of stakeholder preparation, engagement and follow up  - including how they engaged management and front-line teams at Vodafone

  • Pertaining to stakeholder engagement for the Vodafone digital transformation project - what went right? Which goals were met? What were the challenges? 

  •   Key learnings from this project in terms of managing digital transformation initiatives - for Vodafone, for her personally 


As organisations begin to develop more nuanced digital transformation programmes and initiatives that require the involvement of a range of key stakeholders, the challenge of how to engage these groups becomes more relevant.

  • Prepare - identifying stakeholders; aligning the organisations digital goals with those of key stakeholders; developing metrics to quantify those goals that are meaningful to stakeholders; researching the capabilities and potential resources that stakeholder has to offer to the digital initiative

  • Engage - meet with stakeholders to communicate the initiative; convey the value of their contribution and the importance of their participation; ask questions, take on feedback

  • Follow Up – evaluate and respond to stakeholder feedback, address questions and concerns; integrate feedback where appropriate

  •  Stakeholder engagement is a continuous process – look to identify further opportunities during the follow up process to re-engage 

Session Details - Raja Al-Khatib: Text
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