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Here's a Suggestion - What to Wear for your London Bus Tour!

As of the 31 March, the weather for the next few days is looking, well, cold!

We like to make a suggestion to help you get the most out of your hop-on, hop-off bus tour (Saturday afternoon, 2nd April with the BigBus Company)

The best way to see London is from the top deck of the BigBus - but it can get quite cold up there.

So bring warm clothes so you can still view our beautiful city in comfort.

This time of year we still suggest a thick winter coat, warm socks, scarf, hat and gloves as the best way to enjoy the top deck of the tour bus.

And of course - comfortable shoes for when you hop off to see the sights!

PS. a small foldable umbrella or a jacket with a hood is a good idea too - the weather is quite changeable and rain can take you by surprise.

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